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Endurance Capital of the World!

In 2003 the Auburn City Council passed an official measure proclaiming Auburn, California as the Endurance Capital of the World.

Auburn is home to some of the most challenging and historic endurance events on the planet. The vast network of roads and trails in the Auburn State Recreation Area and surrounding Sierra Nevada make Auburn a destination for endurance athletes of all levels and interests.

In November, 2004 the Auburn City Council recognized the task force responsible for working with the Endurance Capital theme as an official City of Auburn Commission. This enthusiastic group works diligently to determine ways to use the "Endurance Capital of the World" theme to enhance the well-being of the Auburn community by supporting and assisting related endurance activities.  Visit Auburn's Endurance Capital for information on the variety of upcoming endurance events!

The Amgen Tour came to Auburn in 2010,2011, 2014 and 2015, and we're hoping to host them again in the future.

"After being a successful pass-through city on Stage-1 of the 2010 Amgen Tour of California, the City of Auburn submitted its formal proposal in August to host a stage-start in 2011. On October 7th, 2010 Auburn was officially awarded a Stage-3 Start on May 17, 2011!"

The Stage 3 Start began at 10:15 am, at Auburn's Central Square (intersection of Lincoln Way & High Street), made three loops through the streets of Downtown and Old Town Auburn, and then "went live" when the race took off down Auburn Folsom Road to downtown Folsom on its way to Modesto.

To whet your appetite, and for your enjoyment, here are some photos from the 2010 Amgen Tour that came through Auburn and the Auburn State Recreation Area.

Photo by Mike Lynch, 5/16/10

The Tevis Cup (the Western States Trail Ride)

Up to 250 horses and their riders compete each year under a mid-summer full moon, starting near Squaw Valley and crossing the rugged passes and canyons of the Sierra Nevada. Their challenge is to reach the finish line at Auburn, 100 miles away, in less than 24 hours and still be "fit to continue". This unique equestrian event is the oldest of its kind and is still considered the most difficult. The Tevis Ride is famous for a number of iconic locations along its stunning trails. Shown here is John Crandell aboard HH Shaba Shams (Arabian gelding) going over Cougar Rock; the pair won the coveted Haggin Cup award for Best Condition that year. (photograph by Melinda Hughes-Berland)

The Western States Endurance Run

This run is one of the oldest ultra-trail events in the world and certainly one of the  most challenging.  It follows the Western States Trail from Squaw Valley to Auburn traveling remote and rugged territory, much of which is accessible only to hikers, horses and helicopters.  Runners must be selected to run in this event after having shown proof of completion of other marathon runs.  Specific information is available in the Western States Endurance Run web site.

The Wildest Ride

A bicycle race offering a variety of options for participants--from 40 miles to 140 miles.  This course is laid out on roads as well as on mountain trails and has something for every biker.   Participants will enjoy the warm and friendly welcome at the rest stops as well as the quiet solitude that surrounds them in the mountains, the tough challenging climbs, the steep fast descents and the wild adventures that await them  Riders should choose their ride carefully according to their skill level.  Details are available at the web site.

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