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The Valley Visitor's Guide to Placer

The Valley has many things to offer. From prime recreation land including Folsom Lake, one of California’s largest, to the relaxed atmosphere of our rural lifestyle, the valley is a special place that will steal your heart!

Communities such as Roseville offer the expansive Galleria Mall and many open-air markets, including Denio’s Farmers Market and Auction, the largest in Northern California. Take time to visit Rocklin with its many historic sites, old quarries and numerous golf courses.

Discover the offerings of the valley – it’s worth the stop.

The City of Lincoln is home to the national ceramic exhibit, Feats of Clay. Loomis’ famed orchards supply an abundance of produce to the state and nation, as well as to roadside travelers.

Don’t miss the small town hospitality of Penryn and Newcastle, with their beautiful Victorian-era homesteads and livestock grazing in lush green pastures.