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Placer County FAQs

Placer County Visitors Bureau Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Monday-Saturday 9:30-4:30 - Sunday 11:00-4:30

What is the weather like in the Auburn area?

Average temperature 60.5 - Average rainfall 35.91 inches. In summer, the temperature can soar into the 100s during the daytime, with cooler nights at the higher elevations. Winter sees temperatures dropping well below freezing in the higher elevations, with overnight temperatures below zero in the mountains. Occasionally snow falls as low as Auburn (around 1500 ft. elevation), but unlike up in the mountains, never stays on the ground for long. The weather is changeable and is apt to close the highways in winter, so always carry chains and be prepared for weather extremes.

Can I still pan for gold?

Yes, the American River, Yuba River and Bear River are open for Panning.

Where are the closest Giant Redwoods?

Placer Big Tree Grove in Foresthill has the largest redwoods in Placer County.

Where are the good Hiking Trails?

The best hiking trails are in the Auburn State Recreation Area. Stop in at the California Welcome Center - Auburn for free trail maps, or download from our website under Things to Do, Outdoor Recreation, Hiking & Nature Trails. We also have more detailed books and US Forest Service maps for sale.

Do you have camping guides for California and local areas?

We have California and Placer County guides to camping.

Do you have Biking Trail Maps?

Yes, we have maps of many Bike trails.

Can you help me get to San Francisco and what is there to see?

We have maps of San Francisco and many brochures telling you what is available to see and do.

Do you have a map of California?

Yes, and as a matter of fact, we also have travel planners in several languages, as well.

Do you sell Snow Park passes?

Yes, available November thru May. The are $5.00 for a Day Pass and $25.00 for the Season Pass and include maps.

Do you have OHV information?

Yes, we have maps of many trails in Placer County.